Putting Away Pride

“When pride comes, then comes shame; But with the humble is wisdom.” –Proverbs 11:2

Whenever we take pride in ourselves, our works, and act like we were the source of all our success, we end up in shame when we fail. We, our human selves, will always fail like clockwork. When we edify ourselves through pride, there’s nothing left to hold onto when we fail. We end up, full of shame at our failures.

However, when we humble ourselves before God, we recognize and praise Him for being the source of our gifts, talents, circumstances and everything in between. We’re not perfect by any stretch and it’s guaranteed that we will still fail. We’re human, not God. BUT! He never fails us. This time, instead of being left in shambles of shame after our failure, we’re caught in His perfect wisdom. We form a new perspective that goes against what the world and conventional wisdom says.

Woody Wilder


Child of the King. Appalachia Expat. Went pro in something other than sports, kind of. Always choose joy.

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