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“You will become pregnant and give birth to a son, and his hair must never be cut. For he will be dedicated to God as a Nazirite from birth. He will begin to rescue Israel from the Philistines.” –Judges 13:5

This is the beginning of the story of  Sampson. “He will BEGIN to rescue Israel…” says the scripture. The angel speaking to Samson’s mother never says Samson WILL rescue the Israelites; rather, he’ll be the catalyst.

We’re all the catalyst of something in the Kingdom of God; however, we might not necessarily see it to completion. You don’t have to see the end product to begin a good work in the Kingdom of God, and fulfill God’s calling on your life. Abraham never saw all of his descendants. Moses never walked in the promised land. Ever here in the story of Samson, a man with great strength who is beginning to rescue the Israelites, he doesn’t even get to fight Goliath.

In this thought, we remember the words of Paul in Philippians 1: “…He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.”

A lot of times, it’s easy for us to stop reading that passage at “complete it” instead of reading until the end. We take the promise and constrain to the season we’re in, or the year, or even our lifetime. But it says, “until the day of Jesus Christ.” The work that God is doing through you for the Kingdom may very well be completed in your lifetime, but it’s not fully complete until Jesus returns!

Here is where faith comes in. Daring faith, where we know that when God puts a dream, a calling, a purpose in our hearts, that He is faithful to complete it. Be encouraged today that His good work through you will last until the day of Jesus Christ. Even if it hasn’t happened yet, even if you can’t see how you’re gonna fulfill it. Let God figure that out, and keep dreaming, keep serving, keep loving the Lord with all your heart, mind and soul.

The fruit of the seeds you lay may not be for you to harvest. The end goal may not be in your lifetime. Like Samson, maybe you’re the catalyst for a miracle in the Kingdom of God. Whatever God is putting on your heart, it might sound amazing to you, but never be discouraged if the fruit isn’t coming. It may be for your children, or your children’s children. They’ll reap it and pick up where you left off. Remember, without Samson, there is no David slinging the stone.

Woody Wilder


Child of the King. Appalachia Expat. Went pro in something other than sports, kind of. Always choose joy.

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